Monday, January 16, 2012

Credit: Colourful wedding via

So I followed the instructions   
So I followed the instructions
Photo Props - Wedding Signs - 4 p
ece set - Photo Booth Props     
Photo Props - Wedding Signs - 4 piece set - Photo Booth Props
I also decided to do a few       
I also decided to do a few
Photo booth prop KIT DIY         
Photo booth prop KIT DIY
Photo booth Props. Wedding Photo 
rops. Mustache. Photo Props. Mus
ache on a                        
Photo booth Props. Wedding Photo Props. Mustache. Photo Props. Mustache on a
Centre Wedding     Part Two      
Centre Wedding     Part Two
Electric Awning.                 
Electric Awning.
The reception was coordinated    
The reception was coordinated
Credit: Colourful wedding via    
Credit: Colourful wedding via

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